Eugene and Louise is a Belgium based creative studio, founded by the happy husband and wife team Glenn D'Hondt and Sylvia Meert. We focus on illustration, character design and original content. For animation and motion graphic projects we work with a selected team of freelancers. 
On the one hand we develop our own properties, which go from animated series to board games, children's books and even little brands we create ourselves. If we see an opportunity we like, we simply jump in. 
On the other hand we deliver commissioned work and editorial work for publishing, advertising and television.

Ketnet, Ikea, Orange, Telenet and The Washington Post are only a few of our featured clients.
Of note, Eugene and Louise co-created and designed the multi-award winning board game ‘Pictureka!' and licensed it to Hasbro. We’re also the co-designers of the preschool show 'Helen’s Little School' (produced by Superprod, France), the creators of the animated series ‘Inui' (produced by JEP Animation & ZDF, Germany) and the creative brains behind the rebranding of Belgium's national children’s channel ‘Ketnet'.
For our editorial work for the Washington Post, we received the Award Of Excellence from the Society for News Design in the category of Opinion Design.
On this website you can find a small collection of selected work.
If you like to have a complete overview of our portfolio, we happily invite you to check us out on Behance. 
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