Glenn D'Hondt and Sylvia Meert - aka Eugene and Louise - have been professional creatives for more than two decades. In addition to working for clients such as Ketnet, Ikea, Nickelodeon, Coca Cola and The Washington Post, the creative duo has also developed their own intellectual properties, including children’s books, animated series and the board game Pictureka! , which they co-developed and licensed to Hasbro. Their work has been featured in books published by Gestalten, Pictoplasma, Thames & Hudson and online on Vimeo Staff's Pick, Behance and the FWA. For their editorial work for the Washington Post, Eugene and Louise received the Award Of Excellence from the Society for News Design in the category of Opinion Design.

Today, Sylvia teaches ceramics at SABKZ and Glenn uses cognitive science to lecture a course on creativity at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences. Eugene and Louise continues to be their creative playground. The moniker under which they share their work within the fields of illustration, animation and ceramics and develop new projects.
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